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#include <fstream>
#include <scripting/ModException.hpp>
#include <sanity.hpp>
#include "LuaSecurity.hpp"
using namespace scripting;
namespace {
void copyAll(sol::environment &env, const sol::global_table &globals,
const std::vector<std::string> &names) {
for (const auto &name : names) {
env[name] = globals[name];
sol::table deepCopy(sol::state &lua, const sol::table &table) {
sol::table table2(lua, sol::create);
for (auto pair : table) {
table2[pair.first] = pair.second;
return table2;
void copyTables(sol::environment &env, const sol::global_table &globals,
sol::state &lua, const std::vector<std::string> &names) {
for (const auto &name : names) {
env[name] = deepCopy(lua, globals[name]);
} // namespace
void LuaSecurity::buildEnvironment() {
env = sol::environment(lua, sol::create);
env["_G"] = env;
const std::vector<std::string> whitelisted = {
"getmetatable", //< Used to extend string class
// TODO: remove these
// Required for implementing classes
"setmetatable", //< Required for implementing classes
std::vector<std::string> safeLibraries = {
"coroutine", "string", "table", "math"};
copyAll(env, lua.globals(), whitelisted);
copyTables(env, lua.globals(), lua, safeLibraries);
env.set_function("loadstring", &LuaSecurity::loadstring, this);
env.set_function("loadfile", &LuaSecurity::loadfile, this);
env.set_function("dofile", &LuaSecurity::dofile, this);
sol::table os(lua, sol::create);
os["clock"] = lua["os"]["clock"];
os["date"] = lua["os"]["date"];
os["difftime"] = lua["os"]["difftime"];
os["time"] = lua["os"]["time"];
env["os"] = os;
#if LUA_VERSION_NUM >= 502
lua_rawgeti(lua, LUA_REGISTRYINDEX, env.registry_index());
int is_main = lua_pushthread(lua);
int thread = lua_gettop(lua);
lua_rawgeti(lua, LUA_REGISTRYINDEX, env.registry_index());
if (!lua_setfenv(lua, thread)) {
throw ModException(
"Security: Unable to set environment of the main Lua thread!");
lua_pop(lua, 1); // Pop thread
std::tuple<sol::object, sol::object> LuaSecurity::loadstring(
const std::string &str, const std::string &chunkname) {
if (!str.empty() && str[0] == LUA_SIGNATURE[0]) {
return std::make_tuple(sol::nil,
sol::make_object(lua, "Bytecode prohibited by Lua sandbox"));
sol::load_result result = lua.load(str, chunkname, sol::load_mode::text);
if (result.valid()) {
sol::function func = result;
return std::make_tuple(func, sol::nil);
} else {
return std::make_tuple(
sol::nil, sol::make_object(lua, ((sol::error)result).what()));
std::tuple<sol::object, sol::object> LuaSecurity::loadfile(
const std::string &path) {
if (!checkPath(path, false)) {
return std::make_tuple(sol::nil,
lua, "Path is not allowed by the Lua sandbox"));
std::ifstream t(path);
std::string str((std::istreambuf_iterator<char>(t)),
return loadstring(str, "@" + path);
sol::object LuaSecurity::dofile(const std::string &path) {
std::tuple<sol::object, sol::object> ret = loadfile(path);
if (std::get<0>(ret) == sol::nil) {
throw sol::error(std::get<1>(ret).as<std::string>());
sol::unsafe_function func = std::get<0>(ret);
return func();
#pragma once
#include <sol/sol.hpp>
#include <tuple>
namespace scripting {
class LuaSecurity {
sol::state &lua;
sol::environment env;
explicit LuaSecurity(sol::state &lua) : lua(lua) { buildEnvironment(); }
sol::environment &getEnvironment() { return env; }
// Checks whether path is allowed
bool checkPath(const std::string &path, bool write) { return true; }
void buildEnvironment();
/// Secure loadstring. Prohibits bytecode, applies environment.
/// @param str Source code
/// @param chunkname Chunk name
/// @return Either (func, nil) or (nil, error-str)
std::tuple<sol::object, sol::object> loadstring(const std::string &str,
const std::string &chunkname = sol::detail::default_chunk_name());
/// Secure loadfile. Checks path, then calls secure loadstring.
/// @param path Path to file
/// @return Either (func, nil) or (nil, error-str)
std::tuple<sol::object, sol::object> loadfile(const std::string &path);
/// Secure dofile
/// @param path Path to file
/// @return Return value of function
sol::object dofile(const std::string &path);
} // namespace scripting
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