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defmodule IexHelpers do
def search_fn(name) do
|> Enum.filter(fn {mod, _} -> "#{mod}" =~ ~r{^[A-Z]} end)
|> {mod, _} -> mod end)
|> Enum.each(fn mod ->
|> Enum.each(fn {fun_name, arity} ->
if fun_name == name do
IO.puts "#{mod}.#{fun_name}/#{arity}"
henrik /
Last active May 12, 2022 14:38
Notes from running Dokku on Digital Ocean.

My notes for Dokku on Digital Ocean.

These may be a bit outdated: Since I originally wrote them, I've reinstalled on a newer Dokku and may not have updated every section below.


Install dokku-cli (gem install dokku-cli) for a more Heroku-like CLI experience (dokku config:set FOO=bar).

# List/run commands when not on Dokku server (assuming a "henroku" ~/.ssh/config alias)

ssh henroku dokku

seeflanigan / docker-compose.yml
Last active April 18, 2020 07:23
Docker Compose file for running Clojure Koans
image: clojure
command: lein koan run
- ./clojure-koans:/clojure-koans
working_dir: /clojure-koans
image: clojure
command: lein repl
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
def Inherits(*classes)
klass = classes.shift # inherit from the last clas
while refine_with = classes.shift # include the others as module refinements just so we can turn them into modules
klass.include { include refine(refine_with) { } }