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Last active December 14, 2020 13:19
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backend {
# Override the default backend.
#default = "LocalWithDocker"
# The list of providers.
providers {
# The local provider is included by default in the reference.conf. This is an example.
# Define a new backend provider.
LocalWithDocker {
# The actor that runs the backend. In this case, it's the Shared File System (SFS) ConfigBackend.
actor-factory = "cromwell.backend.impl.sfs.config.ConfigBackendLifecycleActorFactory"
# The backend custom configuration.
config {
# Optional limits on the number of concurrent jobs
#concurrent-job-limit = 5
# The list of possible runtime custom attributes.
runtime-attributes = """
String? docker
String? docker_user
String? cpu
String? memory_mb
# Submit string when there is no "docker" runtime attribute.
submit = "/usr/bin/env bash ${script}"
# Submit string when there is a "docker" runtime attribute.
submit-docker = """
docker run \
--rm -i \
${"--cpus=" + cpu} \
${"--memory=" + memory_mb + "m" } \
${"--user " + docker_user} \
--entrypoint ${job_shell} \
-v ${cwd}:${docker_cwd} \
${docker} ${script}
# Root directory where Cromwell writes job results. This directory must be
# visible and writeable by the Cromwell process as well as the jobs that Cromwell
# launches.
root = "cromwell-executions"
# Root directory where Cromwell writes job results in the container. This value
# can be used to specify where the execution folder is mounted in the container.
# it is used for the construction of the docker_cwd string in the submit-docker
# value above.
dockerRoot = "/cromwell-executions"
# File system configuration.
filesystems {
# For SFS backends, the "local" configuration specifies how files are handled.
local {
# Try to hard link (ln), then soft-link (ln -s), and if both fail, then copy the files.
localization: [
"hard-link", "soft-link", "copy"
# Call caching strategies
caching {
# When copying a cached result, what type of file duplication should occur. Attempted in the order listed below:
duplication-strategy: [
"hard-link", "soft-link", "copy"
# Possible values: file, path
# "file" will compute an md5 hash of the file content.
# "path" will compute an md5 hash of the file path. This strategy will only be effective if the duplication-strategy (above) is set to "soft-link",
# in order to allow for the original file path to be hashed.
hashing-strategy: "file"
# When true, will check if a sibling file with the same name and the .md5 extension exists, and if it does, use the content of this file as a hash.
# If false or the md5 does not exist, will proceed with the above-defined hashing strategy.
check-sibling-md5: false
# The defaults for runtime attributes if not provided.
default-runtime-attributes {
failOnStderr: false
continueOnReturnCode: 0
cpu: 1
memory: "4 MB"
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Is there supposed to be a \ at the end of line 37?

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ruchim commented Dec 14, 2020

yes! thank you for noticing -- fixed

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