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Created Oct 21, 2011
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foo = 5 "bar = 3; p local_variables, eval('local_variables'), eval('s = Rubinius::VariableScope.of_sender; [s.method, s.method.local_names, s.locals,s.parent]'), eval('bar'), eval('foo'), (s = Rubinius::VariableScope.of_sender; [s.method, s.method.local_names, s.parent])"
puts "------------" { eval("bar = 3"); p local_variables, (s = Rubinius::VariableScope.of_sender; ['m', s.method, 'mln', s.method.local_names, 'sl', s.locals, 'sp', s.parent]), eval('bar'), eval('foo')}
p local_variables, eval("bar"), eval("foo")
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