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Created September 7, 2016 17:55
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setup franz on ubuntu
sudo rm -fr /opt/franz
sudo rm -fr /usr/share/applications/franz.desktop
# create installation dir
sudo mkdir -p /opt/franz
#install franz
wget -qO- | sudo tar xvz -C /opt/franz/
# add app icon
sudo wget "*v86tTomtFZIdqzMNpvwIZw.png" -O /opt/franz/franz-icon.png
# configure app for desktop use
sudo bash -c "cat <<EOF > /usr/share/applications/franz.desktop
[Desktop Entry]
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Hey, thanks for making this bash script. Where should you create the installation dir?

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yannbertrand commented Oct 4, 2016

It will create a franz folder inside /opt/, you don't need any installation dir 😉

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It would be great to make an updater script 😄

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ghost commented Nov 7, 2016

Good work Bro !

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andreppires commented Dec 7, 2016

screenshot from 2016-12-07 16-10-58
I tried my version of Desktop Entry, tried yours. Still don't working. I't does not appear in the menu.I already create Desktop Entries in other situation. But now I'm using fedora 25 with Wayland. It could be because of Wayland? 😕

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hbjydev commented Feb 19, 2017

@andreppires Try doing this: cp /usr/share/applications/franz.desktop /home/andreppires/.local/share/applications/franz.desktop

Works for me.

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Hi, does anyone knows how to create or add an icon to the tray area on KDE 4? It seems like the icon is missing for Kubuntu 14.04

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Thanks man.

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lai32290 commented Apr 4, 2017

Thanks a lot!!

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Shaglock commented Apr 6, 2017

How do I uninstall it?

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tenken commented Apr 12, 2017

Ya anyone know how to uninstall Franz ?

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ghost commented May 8, 2017

@Shaglock, @tenken
sudo rm -fr /opt/franz /usr/share/applications/franz.desktop

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ghost commented Jun 14, 2017

Yo thanks man!

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kjdion84 commented Jul 4, 2017

coming from ubuntu gnome user,


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Thanks guy. It works.

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great. thanks a lot.

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ulisesm commented Aug 7, 2017

Thanks Mate!

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thanks, your script help me

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Thank you for this bash script

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ghost commented Nov 4, 2017

Thx a million times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Looks like we can now directly download the deb and just click to install:

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@mdeggies I seem to be having issues with that install option and the icon appearing properly in Kubuntu 17.04. I know I can wire up the desktop entry, etc., but it just seems like it should be unnecessary

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