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the correct way to use SecureRandom in clojure. automatically reseeds every ttl ms
(defn- reseeding-prng [ttl]
(let [state (atom {})]
(fn []
(let [now (.getTime (java.util.Date.))]
(when (> (- now (:last-seeded @state 0)) ttl)
(let [new-generator ( "SHA1PRNG" "SUN")]
(.nextBytes new-generator (byte-array 0))
(swap! state assoc :last-seeded now :generator new-generator)))
(:generator @state)))))
(def ^:private prng (reseeding-prng (* 60 60 1000)))
(defn- random-id []
(.toString (BigInteger. 160 (prng)) 36))

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@rufoa rufoa commented Jun 4, 2015

don't use SHA1 these days though

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