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Last active February 21, 2021 12:32
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Data Wrangling Exercise - Natural Gas Prices

Challenge 1

Your task: write a script to get a nice CSV file of natural gas prices.

Please publish your results in a git repo or a gist. Please include both script and your resulting data -- so the CSV files should be stored in the repo too!

More detail:

  • Prices should be Henry Hub gas prices. Use EIA data here:
    • Hint: you can get the data from any data source on the page ...
  • Main data wanted is daily prices.
    • Bonus points for doing other granularities (e.g. month) - do them in separate CSV files with sensible naming
  • Resulting CSV should have two columns: Date and Price. You may need to normalize the data to get this and/or work out dates. For months the Date should be the first date of the month.
  • We want a script for this and we want this script to be in python (we'd allow node or bash or go script at a push but prefer python)
    • Why a script? Ans: We'll want to run this again and again as they release new data. You could copy and paste data into Excel/Google Docs by hand, and then export the CSV. But that would be tedious, time consuming and error prone to do month after month
    • Please use simple python libraries wherever possible rather than use a framework

Bonus items (optional - extra kudos if you do either of these!):

  • Make your repository into a Tabular Data Package - here's a guide
  • Do a line graph visualization of the data in HTML + Javascript using e.g. vega or direct in D3
    • Deploy your repo somewhere so this visualization is visitable online e.g. via github or gitlab pages
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