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Working from home

Rui Araújo ruiaraujo012

Working from home
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ruiaraujo012 / docker-compose.test.yml
Last active May 17, 2020 20:59
Docker compose for Trademon project
version: "3.7"
build: ./PoGoTrades-Frontend
- "3000:3000"
- ./PoGoTrades-Frontend:/frontend/
- /frontend/node_modules/
ruiaraujo012 / alias.txt
Created May 29, 2019 20:53
Alias for git commands
# GIT Aliases
alias gcl='git clone'
alias ga='git add'
alias grm='git rm'
alias gap='git add -p'
alias gall='git add -A'
alias gf='git fetch --all --prune'
alias gft='git fetch --all --prune --tags'
alias gfv='git fetch --all --prune --verbose'
alias gftv='git fetch --all --prune --tags --verbose'