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Created Jan 4, 2019
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Cloudways Disk Space Details/Quota Per Application
import subprocess
proc = subprocess.Popen("du -sh ./applications/* | sort -hr", shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
for line in iter(proc.stdout.readline,''):
line = line.split()
size = line[0]
app_dir = line[1]
app_name = app_dir[15:]
app_conf = "/home/master/applications/%s/conf/server.apache" % (app_name)
real_name = subprocess.check_output(['tail', '-1', app_conf])
real_name = real_name.rsplit(None, 2)[-2]
print "%-8s %-8s %-8s" % (size,app_name,real_name )
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ruledio commented Jan 4, 2019

Cloudways Disk Space Details/Quota Per Application

Show disk usage per app, does not show MySQL DB size

Save this file inside /home/master and use as below:


Output below:

1.2G  bdhvsjdgr
303M  xhhgwond 
175M  zfhehvbsdjd

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unaibamir commented Jan 9, 2019

Thanks mate. it helped me a lot.

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