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Created January 15, 2020 17:11
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Welcome (4:30 PM - 4:50 PM)
Workshops (5:00 PM - 6:20 PM)
Beginners Workshop: Getting Started with P5.js by Kristian Gårdhus Wichmann
Are you new to creative coding and programming? Fear not! This workshop will get you started immediately with the p5js library. Using the online editor, magic will happen in your browser in no time. Kristian spent his teenage years programming his Commodore 64. Later in life, while teaching secondary school, his interest in coding was rekindled by the youtube channel The Coding Train. Kristian currently works as a data scientist at Blackwood Seven.
Intermediate Workshop: Processing + Graphic Design = ❤️ by Stig Møller Hansen
This workshop, aimed at users with basic prior knowledge of Processing, will use existing design products to explore how programming can be used to enhance and augment the graphic design process. Participants must bring their own laptop with Processing 3.4 installed. The workshop will be taught using Processing, but users of P5 or other frameworks are encouraged to take part as much of the content will be easily transferable. The workshop will be taught by Stig Møller Hansen, a graphic designer, coder, teacher, and researcher. Stig bought an Amiga 500 in 1989 and quickly developed a passion for mixing art and code. Thirty years later, Stig has made his childhood excitement his professional career, teaching programming for graphic designers at the Danish School of Media and Journalism.
Dinner (6:30 PM - 6:50 PM)
Lightning Talks (7:00 PM - 8:45 PM)
Nina Cecilie Højholdt. This talk will explore the re-appropriation of personal data harvested by big tech companies, which is gradually (and by law) becoming available to its subjects, and showcase creative code experiments about identity and aesthetics in these.
Mads Høbye. Digital sketching: Going beyond post-it notes and get into real-world interactivity. Mads will discuss the potential of rapid prototyping with Arduino based tools. Mads is co-founder of illutron collaborative, interactive art studio and a researcher in interactive art and design at Roskilde University.
Rasmus Kristoffer Pedersen. Science has given us an incredibly detailed understanding of the world around us. Unfortunately, the complexity of scientific descriptions can sometimes render them inaccessible and in worst case cause distrust in the results. When communicating science, significant effort must be made to present results in an intuitive and understandable way. One method for this is to invite people to directly interact with the science involved and get a feel for the complexity themselves. In this talk, Rasmus will present and discuss how he uses p5.js to make complicated mathematical models more intuitive through interactive simulations.
This includes a model of cancer tumor growth and a model for the spread of contagious diseases. Rasmus Kristoffer Pedersen is currently a Ph.D.-student at Roskilde University, working on mathematical modelling of biological systems. Rasmus is passionate about teaching science and communicating to a broader audience.
Wouter Walmink. Buckle up for a story of stuffy research, a disco helmet, the immigration authorities and national television, made possible with Processing.
Wrap up (8:45 PM - 9:00 PM)
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