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Created September 12, 2023 05:28
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Element Scan
function timedGet(selector) { let start =; let all = document.querySelectorAll(selector); let end =; return { start, end, all }; }
function iterateAll(selector, cb) {
let data = timedGet(selector);
for (let e of data.all) cb(e);
let end =;
console.log({ start: data.start, iter: data.end, end, duration: end - data.start })
seen2 = new Set(); iterateAll('*', (e) => seen2.add(e));
function walk(element, cb) {
for (let e of element.children) walk(e, cb);
function walkAll(cb) {
let start =;
walk(document.body, cb);
let end =;
console.log({ start, end, duration: end - start });
seen = new Set(); walkAll((e) => seen.add(e));
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