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Useful Ember Data helpers
notifying the store that a record has been remotely deleted and should be fully removed.
function pushDeletion(store, type, id) {
let record = store.peekRecord(type, id);
if (record !== null) {
let relationships = {};
let hasRelationships = false;
record.eachRelationship((name, { kind }) => {
hasRelationships = true;
relationships[name] = {
data: kind === 'hasMany' ? [] : null
if (hasRelationships) {
data: {
Avoids common pitfalls and the weird undocumented special-sauce format that must be used with the built in pushPayload
function pushPayload(store, modelName, rawPayload) {
let ModelClass = store.modelFor(modelName);
let serializer = store.serializerFor(modelName);
let jsonApiPayload = serializer.normalizeResponse(store, ModelClass, rawPayload, null, 'query');
return store.push(jsonApiPayload);
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