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API platforms comparison table
Platform Design Code Gen. Docs Testing Management
3Scale Supports Swagger None ActiveDocs (Swagger compliant) Developer Portal Security, Analytics, Monetization, Dashboard, Traffic Mgmt.
Akana Graphical Designer. Supports Swagger, RAML, WADL, WSDL Build Code Document Developer Portal API Gateway, Security, Analytics, Orchestration, Transformation, Traffic Mgmt.
Apigee Edge UI. Supports OpenAPI Specs None Developer Portal Developer Portal API Gateway, Security, Analytics, Monetization, Orchestration, Transformation, Traffic Mgmt., API Proxy Editor
Boomi Mediate None None None Workflow, B2B/EDI Data Exchange, Data Hub, Data Integration, Traffic Mgmt., Usage Dashboard
Kong None None None None API Gateway
Mashery Visual API Modeling. Supports OpenAPI Specs Build Code API Developer Portal Mocking and Testing API Gateway, Analytics, Traffic Mgmt., Security, Monetization,
MuleSoft Anypoint Design Center Anypoint Studio, Anypoint Connector DevKit Anypoint Design Center MUnit Anypoint Management Center, CloudHub
Swagger Swagger Editor, SwaggerHub Swagger Codegen Swagger UI, SwaggerHub, Swagger Inspector Swagger Inspector None
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