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Android P semi-GSI notes

Credit: Rupansh, ZeroInfinity, kdrag0n




Not sure if your device is supported? Firstly, check this wiki for tested devices.

Not in the wiki? Make sure your device has Treble by installing this app.

If your device has a tick on the first box, CONGRATULATIONS! Your device is treble supported! If you have the second box ticked as well, your device has A/B partitioning. If it is NOT ticked, your device has A only partitioning.

New devices

Contribute to the wiki.


(PS. This page is not for noobs. If you are one, Just send us a screenshot of About phone)

Also check out the device template and if possible, make a device page of your device!

Known bugs

  • Play Store (update GMS, fix below)
  • VoLTE (No, No, No, and No, don't even ask)

Device specific

  • Lag (type #lagfix in the Telegram group)
  • Night mode
  • No haptic feedback for fingerprint and hw keys
  • No hw keys backlight
  • No audio incall (fix below)
  • Gcam settings, panorama, etc FC
  • Anything other than this is a vendor related issue! (report to your dev with meaningful logcats or change your vendor/treble ROM base)


Google Drive mirror for A-only P GSI DP3

Unofficial A/B version

Unofficial A/B DP4 download

Unoffical A/B DP3 download

Mirror if AFH is having issues

Don't flash the post zip 3 (

How to install


This post is specifically for the OP5 and OP5T but you can use it as a general guideline:

For example in step 4, replace Mokee ROM with a treble ROM of your choice for your device.

Mi A1 (Tissot)


Format data and internal storage. If the ROM auto encrypts again, you need as no verity zip to patch your boot.img. Find one for your device on XDA, I would start looking in your device forum first and ask around if you can't find one for your device.

Kicked to recovery when booting

As soon as it kicks you back into recovery, press on the button where the recents button is and it will bring up a display log. Tell us if it says inituser0failed or RescueParty. Mention what your device is if you haven't already.

New navbar

Settings > System > Gestures > Swipe up on Home button


As of 16.7, it should work for most devices. In the case that it does not work for your device, please read below.

There are several Magisk versions you can try out. Type any of the following in the Telegram group:

  • #magisk
  • #magisk2
  • #magisk3

ADB fix

For those who are unable to get ADB normally, flash this zip in TWRP.

Battery drain

If you are getting unusual battery drain, disable ADB (USB debugging) in developer options.


Install Open Camera to test camera - Camera 2 API is not supported on some devices!

Library of GCam mods (not all of them will work, depends on the device):

Recommended (again, does not work for all devices):

Known issue for many devices: Gcam settings force closes, and panorama/lens blur/photo sphere may not work

Updating GMS / Play Store / finishing setup / persistent notification bugs

Install this APK like any other - via Files, Chrome, ADB, etc.

Disable software/hardware keys

We are not responsible if any of your keys stop working! Root required. Full guide here.

In-call audio fix

Mount System and Vendor in TWRP, then flash

MTP workaround

May not work for all devices

  • Enable developer settings (Please google to know if you don't know)
  • Scroll down to select Default USB Configuration
  • Select File Transfer

If this doesn't fix MTP, get a logcat at the time you attach your phone to pc and send it here.

Blue accent / Pixel theme

Add this to your /vendor/build.prop, save and reboot:

RenderFlash for OP5/T (may solve lag)

Message @Iacuna on telegram if you face any problems.

How to flash custom kernel

  • Flash your desired custom kernel
  • Flash (doesn't apply to A/B)
  • Reboot

It may fix the LED issue on mido.

Source: @Maximilis (bang him if it doesn't work for you instead of me)

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