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My current configuration file
# Don't print a new line at the start of the prompt
add_newline = false
# Disables the line_break module, making the prompt a single line.
disabled = true
# Replace the "❯" symbol in the prompt
symbol = "$"
# Disable the package module, hiding it from the prompt completely
disabled = true
# Disable the AWS module; it's noisy
disabled = true
# I'd like to be able to get rid of the "on" prefix in a future version
symbol = ""
# How to make this do something?
#commit_hash_length = 4
style = "bold cyan"
truncate_to_repo = false
truncation_length = 5
# Language configs might be useful when they're less wordy someday.
disabled = true
#symbol = " "
disabled = true
#symbol = ""
#style = "bold yellow"
disabled = true
#symbol = ""
#style = "bold green"
disabled = true
#symbol = "ﳑ"
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