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How to install ngrok on linux subsystem for windows

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russorat /
Created February 20, 2020 17:18
modified version of that writes data into InfluxDB 2.0.
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: UTF-8 -*-
''' (c) 2019 Matthew J Ernisse <>
All Rights Reserved.
Load the status page from an Arris/Motorola SB8200 modem, parses the
status page and loads the values into an InfluxDB database.
Redistribution and use in source and binary forms,
with or without modification, are permitted provided
russorat / keyword_cleanup_full.js
Last active July 27, 2019 20:23
The full Keyword Cleanup Script from my post. Be sure to change the email on line 30. See the blog post for more details.
function main() {
var config_options = {
'default' : {
metric : 'Conversions', // This metric will be used for determining duds
threshold : 0, // Duds are less than or equal to this threshold
days_ago : 90, // The timeframe of the data to consider, days ago to yesterday
days_in_limbo : 5 // The script will warn you for this many days before deleting something
// If you want, you can add account specific configurations too. If an account specific config
// is not found, the default one from above is used.
* This function verifies that the keywords already in limbo
* but are no longer a dud have the labels removed as needed.
function checkForRedemption(duds,changes_to_make) {
// An array works well for selectors, but
// it will be much easier to do lookups here if
// we transform the duds array into a map.
var dudsMap = {};
for(var i in duds) {
* Collects the reporting results from all accounts
* and generates a nicely formatted email. If there
* are errors for an account, it includes those
* in the email as well since an error in one account
* won't stop the entire script.
function generateReport(results) {
var NOTIFY = [''];
var total_deleted = 0;
* This is the function that will run in each account. We
* can leverage all the functions we wrote earlier to make
* this as short as possible.
function findKeywordsToDelete(optionalInput) {
// We are sending over a set of configs from the main
// function. Parse that config, check to see if there is
// an override for this account, or use the default.
var all_configs = JSON.parse(optionalInput);
* This function applies a set of changes provided.
* It utilizes tight loops to take advantage of any
* batch processing behind the scenes.
function applyChanges(changes_to_make) {
for(var i in changes_to_make.kw_to_delete) {
for(var i in changes_to_make.labels_to_delete) {
* Given a set of Ids, an object to store updates in, and the
* max number of days a keyword can be in limbo, this function
* iterates through your account and gathers the changes to be
* made. It also contains the logic to ignore keywords with the
* label "Save" on them. All changes are stored in the arrays within
* the object changes_to_make.
function findChangesToMake(duds,changes_to_make,max_days_in_limbo) {
// This is the label applied to "Save" a keyword
* Find all the keywords that match a set of criteria. Those keywords
* will be filtered by the set of eligible keywords.
* It returns a list of AdGroup and Keyword Ids to use in a Selector.
function getDuds(options,eligible_keywords) {
var columns = ['CampaignId',
// Let's add the metric we're using to find the duds