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Created October 29, 2021 03:02
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The Times Headlines December 2008 and January 2009
Dec 2008:
1: Tory MP is accused of orchestrating leaks
2: Officials who failed Baby P are forced out
3: De Menezes coroner rules out unlawful killing verdict
4: Emergency rescue for mortgage defaulters
5: Rates cut again as recession deepens
6: Vauxhall in secret cash plea to save 5,000 jobs
8: Traditional subjects go in schools shake-up
9: Brown's recovery gathers pace with new poll boost
10: Prosecutors wash hands of laws on assisted dying
11: Banks under the cosh as (pound)1 tumbles towards (euro)1
12: Armed services take first big hit in public spending
13: De Menezes jury condemns police
15: Terrorism adviser to Met is on wanted list
16: 50,000 jobs at risk in break-up of Royal Mail
17: Zero hour as US cuts rates to historic low
18: Secret planes revealed for second Gatrwick runway
19: Rachel Nickell's killer is linked to 109 sex crimes
20: Charities cut services as donations start to dry up
22: Brown put smillions on the table to save Jaguar
23: Rush to fill top police job after latest Met blunder
24: 300 victims of abuse to sue councils for neglect
25: -
26: Mystery as dozens of public artworks vanish
27: Stampede for sales as shops fear worst
29: Israel masses forces for ground assault on Gaza
30: Historic deal paves way for first women bishops
31: Anger over knighthood given to Treasury chief
January 2009:
1: Britain ready to take in Guantanamo prisoners
2: Gaza rockets put Israel's nuclear plant in battle zone
3: Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks
5: Israel's rain of fire on Gaza
6: M&S cuts 1,000 jobs as fashion sales dive
7: Thousands bankrupted over unpaid council tax
8: Chancellor set to print more cash as rates hit record low
9: Obama: we must spend our way out of recession
10: Doctor blazing a trail to stamp out genetic cancer
12: (pound)2,500 `golden hellos' to get jobless back to work
13: Brown bounce falls flat as public anxiety rises
14: Councils start to she jobs in their thousands
15: Heathrow gets third runway in (pound)9bn deal
16: Miracle of Flight 1549
17: The life and loves of John Mortimer
19: Hundreds of billions to bail out the banks again
20: The bank that sank
21: Obama's primise
22: Obama peace drive
23: Stem-cell hope for paralyzed patients
24: Bankers in the firing line
26: Schools and hospitals delayed by cash crisis
27: Job losses mount as downturn steepens
28: Mandelson hands out (pound)2.3bn to carmakers
29: The deepest recession
30: Brown orders thousands of new council houses
31: Dawn of new age of unrest
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