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OpenWrt DDNS ( configuration
uci set ddns.myddns.enabled=1
uci set
uci set ddns.myddns.domain=gate
uci set ddns.myddns.username=NA
uci set ddns.myddns.password=xxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx
uci set ddns.myddns.ip_source=network
uci set ddns.myddns.ip_network=wan
uci set ddns.myddns.force_interval=72
uci set ddns.myddns.force_unit=hours
uci set ddns.myddns.check_interval=10
uci set ddns.myddns.check_unit=minutes
uci set 'ddns.myddns.update_url=[DOMAIN]&token=[PASSWORD]&ip=[IP]'
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