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Simple script for setting Description + Title into JPEG-Exif/Raw-XMP photos
#!/bin/bash -eux
SUBJECT_KEYWORDS="active, adventure, backpack, backpacker"
DESCRIPTION="My description"
TITLE="My title"
AUTHOR="Petr Ruzicka <>"
RIGHTS="This work is licensed to the public under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) license $LICENSE_LINK"
echo "*** Inserting XMP / Exif details"
exiftool -progress -overwrite_original "-filemodifydate<datetimeoriginal#" \
-Artist="$AUTHOR" -Copyright="$RIGHTS" -CopyrightNotice="${AUTHOR}; $LICENSE_LINK" -rights="$RIGHTS" \
-Title="$TITLE" -ImageDescription="$DESCRIPTION" -ObjectName="$TITLE" \
-Description="$DESCRIPTION" -UserComment="$DESCRIPTION" -Caption-Abstract="$DESCRIPTION" \
-XMP-dc:Creator="$AUTHOR" -XMP-xmpRights:Marked="True" -XMP-dc:Rights="$RIGHTS" -xmp:UsageTerms="$RIGHTS" -XMP-cc:AttributionName="$AUTHOR" -XMP-cc:License="$LICENSE_LINK" -XMP-cc:AttributionURL="$AUTHOR_URL" \
-XMP:Description="${DESCRIPTION}" -XMP:Subject="${SUBJECT_KEYWORDS}" -XMP:Title="${TITLE}" \
-XMP-xmp:Keywords="${SUBJECT_KEYWORDS}" \
-XMP-exif:UserComment="${DESCRIPTION}" \
-ext nef -ext orf -ext ori -ext jpg -ext dng $FILES
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