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"Crash Course in CrUX" for the PerfMatters conference, April 2019

Crash Course in CrUX

CrUX is the Chrome UX Report from Google. This crash course will take you through everything you need to get the most out of the data.

1. Official Docs

2. Guides on

  • walkthroughs of using CrUX tools

3. CrUX repo

  • CrUX Cookbook
  • utils for analyzing CrUX data

4. PageSpeed Insights

  • page and origin-level CrUX data
  • daily aggregations

5. CrUX Dashboard

  • historical UX trends
  • customizable, shareable, and embeddable dashboard built on Data Studio

6. Test my Site

  • mobile domain FCP comparisons
  • speed/revenue calculator

7. PageSpeed Insights API

  • runs Lighthouse on the given URL
  • returns page and origin-level CrUX data

  • explore the API without writing code

  • blog post with steps to create a daily monitoring dashboard in Sheets

  • example script to monitor CrUX using the PSI API and log to Sheets

  • demo of v4 API sheet

  • connect Sheets to Data Studio for prettier data viz

  • demo of v5 API sheet

8. BigQuery

  • "CrUX Cookbook"
  • sample recipes
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