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Last active Nov 19, 2018
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GSoC 2016 conclusion

GSoC Project abstract

Work summary

During the GSoC I mostly worked on systemgo, and I've also made some PR's to browsix


Systemgo is an init system capable of reading in systemd-unit files. It also resolves dependencies. There is a systemctl tool provided, which communicates with init using the net/rpc package.

In current implementation the sytemctl only provides start, stop, status and list-units capabilities.(while implementing new ones is easy using the already-defined server RPC

reload functionality, while supported by the system.Daemon, is not implemented for any of the unit types(for example the unit/service.Unit)

The project was started from scratch in my own repository(and was consequently transferred). The project is in usable state and there is an example available in the browsix repo, which uses systemgo

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