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Rick Waldron rwaldron

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rwaldron / Setting up Google Cloud Storage with CORS for Web Setting up CORS on Google Cloud Storage: An unofficial quick start guide to serving web fonts from Google's cloud. (I'm sure a lot of this info could be improved... Please leave comments if you have tips/improvements.)
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Google Cloud Storage

You'll want to login using an official Google account (i.e. if this is for your company, use the comapany Gmail account vs. a personal one.)

When logging in, you might be prompted to verify the account; if so, enter your cell number to get a verification e-mail or phone call.

Once verified, you'll have to agree to the terms of service; do that, and click continue.

rwaldron /
Created May 31, 2017 — forked from kevincennis/
V8 Installation and d8 shell usage

Installing V8 on a Mac


  • Install Xcode (Avaliable on the Mac App Store)
  • Install Xcode Command Line Tools (Preferences > Downloads)
  • Install depot_tools
    • git clone
    • sudo nano ~/.bash_profile
    • Add export PATH=/path/to/depot_tools:"$PATH" (it's important that depot_tools comes first here)
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rwaldron /
Created Jul 12, 2016 — forked from kevinmehall/
Tessel 2 onboard SWD

Needs a more recent openocd than is currently available in openwrt/packages:

opkg update
wget -O /tmp/openocd.ipk
opkg install /tmp/openocd.ipk
rm /tmp/openocd.ipk

In another terminal:

rwaldron / binding.gyp
Created Feb 10, 2016 — forked from bellbind/binding.gyp
[nodejs]Native module with libuv and v8::Promise on node-4
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# -*- mode: python -*-
"targets": [
"include_dirs": ["<!(node -e \"require('nan')\")"],
"target_name": "TimerAndPromise",
"sources": [
"conditions": [
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Vagrant.configure(VAGRANTFILE_API_VERSION) do |config|
config.ssh.username = "root"
config.ssh.password = "tessel2" = "ash"
config.vm.synced_folder ".", "/vagrant", disabled: true = "technicalmachine/tessel2"
View _Ping I2C Johnny Five

Building an ultrasonic sensor backpack

Note: This is a bit of a scratch to see what's involved in getting the ping sensor to work as an I2C backpack.



View Compiling v8 and Hello, World Example on Mac OSX Mavericks (10.9.4).md

Compiling v8 and Hello, World Example on Mac OSX Mavericks (10.9.4)

by Keith Rosenberg (netpoetica)

Note: do this in some sort of project/ directory that makes sense. depot_tools are going to need to be in your path, so you may want to install them somewhere you are comfortable with.

1) Get the v8 source

git clone

2) Install depot tools

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var menubar = require('menubar')
var exec = require('child_process').exec
var fs = require('fs')
var mb = menubar()
mb.on('ready', function ready () {
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# To setup ansible on Mac:
# brew install ansible
# mkdir -p /usr/local/etc/ansible
# mkdir -p /usr/local/share/ansible
# To run:
# ansible-playbook /usr/local/share/ansible/bbb.yml -i /usr/local/etc/ansible/hosts
# TODO: multiple wifi network support
# TODO: automate restart of internet connection sharing between reboots
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