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Mod 0 Session 4 Practice Tasks

Session 4 Practice Tasks

The assignments listed here should take you between 1.5 and 2 total hours.

To start this assignment:

  1. Click the button in the upper right-hand corner that says Fork. This is now your copy of the document.
  2. Click the Edit button when you're ready to start adding your answers.
  3. To save your work, click the green button in the bottom right-hand corner. You can always come back and re-edit your gist.

Task 1: Practicing Git Workflow and Pushing a Repo to GitHub (20 min)

  1. From your command line, make a directory git_and_gh_practice with two files inside: hobbies.txt and travels.txt.
  2. Initialize git, and your two files, and make an initial commit.
  3. Use your text editor to open hobbies.txt.
  4. Add some text about your hobbies.
  5. Add the changes and commit.
  6. Use your text editor to open travels.txt.
  7. Add some text about your favorite vacation or travel experience.
  8. Add the changes and commit.
  9. On GitHub, create a new repository.
  10. Add the remote to your local repository.
  11. Push your repository to GitHub.
  • Paste the link to your repository here:

Task 2: Forking a Repo on GitHub and Creating a Pull Request (30 min)

  1. Fork the Mod 0 Resources repository.
  2. Open your terminal
  3. Clone your fork to your computer (git clone <url>).
  4. cd into your cloned repository.
  5. Make a new file with the pattern
  6. Open the file you just created in your text editor.
  7. Create a list of some of your favorite resources so far related to coding/Turing/git/GitHub/etc. These resources do not need to be ones that we've discussed in class. They can be anything that has helped you so far in your journey to learn software development.
  8. Add your changes.
  9. Commit your changes with a properly formatted commit message.
  10. Push your changes to your fork.

This next part is not something we discussed during Session 4 and will involve some figuring out on your own.

  1. Use the Googling trick to search GitHub's help area to figure out how to create a pull request from a fork. It may also be helpful to figure out what pull request means.
  2. Open a pull request for your changes.
  • Once your pull request is open, you're done! You don't need to submit or paste anything since we will get a notification that you've opened a pull request.

Task 3: How do Git and GitHub work? (55 min)

Use about half of a blank sheet of paper to draw out a diagram that shows how you understand the git workflow. Then, use the other half to show how this workflow fits with GitHub.

  • Post this diagram on the Mod 0 Slack channel.

Task 4: OOP and Bottles (12 min)

  • Watch this video. Then choose your own real-world class and objects of that class. In the space below, define and name the attributes and methods for your class and the associated objects.
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