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  1. Sign in to GitHub and go to
  2. Type in the name of your project for repository name
  3. Select the checkmark for "Initialize this repository with a README"
  4. Click "Create Repository"
  5. Click the button "Create new file"
  6. In the box that says "Name your file..." enter index.html
  7. Paste your HTML into the large text box area
  8. Click "Commit new file"
  9. Click "Create new file" again
  10. In the box that says "Name your file..." enter styles.css (or whatever you called your stylesheet file)
  11. Paste your CSS into the large text box area
  12. Click "Commit new file"
  13. Click "Settings" and scroll down to the section that says GitHub Pages
  14. Change "None" to "Master Branch" (not Master Branch Docs Folder) and click "Save"
  15. Scroll back down to the GitHub Pages section of the settings.
  16. Wait about 15 minutes and then click the link that says "Your site is ready to be published at..."
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