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View vertigo_binary_search.clj
(ns bar.baz
(:require [vertigo.core :as vc]
[vertigo.structs :as vs]))
;; based off of work by Michał Marczyk
(set! *warn-on-reflection* true)
View nmanage.clj
(ns nmanage)
(def running (atom true))
(defn process
(when @running
(prn "hi")
(Thread/sleep 1000))
View gen-ips.clj
; Generate a list of random IPs to be fed into nmap so that nmap may scan
; aggressively but not swamp any given subnet within the range.
; Licensed under the EPL. (fwiw ;)
(use '[clojure.contrib.seq-utils :only (shuffle)]
'[ :only (write-lines)])
View udp_testing.clj
(import '( InetAddress InetSocketAddress DatagramPacket DatagramSocket))
(def buf-len 1500)
; create a SocketAdress for the listener
(let [listener-port 29000
listener-ip ""]
(def l-socket-address (InetSocketAddress. (InetAddress/getByName listener-ip) listener-port)))
View udp_proof_of_concept.clj
(import '( InetAddress
; Create a SocketAddress object that holds the IP address and UDP port the
; socket will listen to.
(let [listener-ip ""
listener-port 29000]
View udp_server.clj
(import '( InetAddress
(defn create-udp-server [& {:keys [local-ip local-port remote-ip remote-port]}]
(let [s (InetSocketAddress. (InetAddress/getByName local-ip) local-port)
r (InetSocketAddress. (InetAddress/getByName remote-ip) remote-port)
d (DatagramSocket. s)
udp-server (ref d)]
View is-rfc1918.clj
(ns your-namespace
(:use [clojure.string :only [split]]))
; authored by ordnungswidrig
(defn is-rfc1918?
"Returns true if a string is a dotted quad in the IP ranges of, or, else returns nil)"
[^String ip]
(when-let [[a b c d :as qs]
View leaks_memory.clj
(import '( InetAddress
; networking
(defrecord UDPServer [dgram-socket connected closed])
rwat / my-date-time.clj
Created Jan 24, 2011
exception handling example
View my-date-time.clj
(ns my-ns
(:use [clj-time.core :only [date-time]]))
(defn my-date-time
"same as clj-time.core date-time but returns nil on improper input"
[& args]
(apply date-time (map #(Integer/parseInt %) args))
(catch RuntimeException e nil)))
rwat / clojure_snippets.clj
Last active Jan 1, 2016
Sundry Clojure snippets
View clojure_snippets.clj
;; current time
;; make a version 4 random UUID as per
;; start a new thread and run a function
(.start (Thread. (fn [] (loop []
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