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Robert Estelle rwe

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elizarov / Delimited.kt
Last active Jan 21, 2021
Delimited Continuations shift/reset in Kotlin
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import kotlin.coroutines.*
import kotlin.coroutines.intrinsics.*
* Implementation for Delimited Continuations `shift`/`reset` primitives via Kotlin Coroutines.
* See [].
* The following LISP code:
* ```
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#lang rosette/safe
(require rosette/lib/angelic ; provides `choose*`
rosette/lib/destruct) ; provides `destruct`
; Tell Rosette we really do want to use integers.
(current-bitwidth #f)
tvogel / git-merge-associate
Created Mar 30, 2011
git script to manually associate files in a conflicting merge when rename detection fails
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# Purpose: manually associate missed renames in merge conflicts
# Usage: git merge-associate <our-target> <base> <theirs>
# Example: After a failed rename detection A/a -> B/b which results
# in CONFLICT (delete/modify) for A/a and corresponding "deleted by us"
# messages in git status, the following invocation can be used to manually
# establish the link: