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Useful motion commands for Keymando (also, example of command, delete)
# Motion commands
map "<Alt-Delete>", "<Alt-Right><Alt-Delete>" # Delete entire current word
map "<Cmd-Alt-Delete>", "<Cmd-Right><Cmd-Delete>" # Delete entire current line
# Move the current line one line up, or one line down (switch this line with the line currently
# above or below it)
# See also: TextMate's Text -> Move Selection -> Line Up (or Line Down)
map "<Cmd-Ctrl-Up>", "<Cmd-Left><Shift-Cmd-Right><Cmd-x><Delete><Up><Return><Shift-Cmd-Left><Delete><Cmd-v>"
map "<Cmd-Ctrl-Down>", "<Cmd-Left><Shift-Cmd-Right><Cmd-x><Delete><Down><Cmd-Right><Return><Shift-Cmd-Left><Delete><Cmd-v>"
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