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on replace_chars(this_text, search_string, replacement_string)
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to the search_string
set the item_list to every text item of this_text
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to the replacement_string
set this_text to the item_list as string
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to ""
return this_text
end replace_chars
to getScriptEditorDocumentFor(myFileRef)
tell application "Finder" to set myAlias to myFileRef as alias
tell application "AppleScript Editor"
set docs to every document whose path is (POSIX path of myAlias)
return item 1 of docs
end tell
end getScriptEditorDocumentFor
tell application "Finder"
set sourceFolder to alias "Macintosh HD:Users:ryan:SCRIPTS_AS_SCRIPTS/"
set destinationFolder to "/Users/ryan/Desktop/SCRIPTS_AS_APPLESCRIPTS/"
set myFileList to every file in sourceFolder
repeat with currFile in myFileList
set theNameWithExt to name of currFile
set theExtension to name extension of currFile
tell me to set theName to replace_chars(theNameWithExt, theExtension, "")
log currFile
tell application "AppleScript Editor"
open currFile
-- does not seem to return the document opened...
-- so figure it out ourselves...
-- don't just use window, because that could be the wrong
-- window depending on (yay possible fun threading issues!)
tell me to set d to getScriptEditorDocumentFor(currFile)
--save d as "script" in POSIX file (((destinationFolder & theName as string) & ".scpt") as string) with run only
-- ^^^^^^^^^^ the other way around!
save d as "text" in POSIX file (((destinationFolder & theName as string) & "applescript") as string) -- with run only
-- use a POSIX file because an alias can't point to a nonexistant file
-- WD-rpw 02-23-2010
close window 1
end try
-- if you try to close the wrong window here
-- (like say this script) we'll get an error
-- but the possibility of an error leaving the
-- script window open is much less than accidentally
-- saving the source of THIS script instead of
-- the script you opened.
-- WD-rpw 02-23-2010
end tell
end repeat
end tell
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