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Created Sep 30, 2016
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A list of Sharepoint Managed Accounts
"Access Service Application User","svc-SpFarmName-asa"
"Access Services 2010 User","svc-SpFarmName-as2"
"App Management Service User","svc-SpFarmName-ams"
"Businesss Data Connectivity Service User","svc-SpFarmName-bdcs"
"Excel Services User","svc-SpFarmName-es"
"Machine Translation Service User","svc-SpFarmName-mts"
"Managed Metadata Service User","svc-SpFarmName-mms"
"Performance Point Service User","svc-SpFarmName-pps"
"Search Service Application Service Acccount User","svc-SpFarmName-ssa"
"Search Service Application Admin Application Pool User","svc-SpFarmName-ssaa"
"Search Service Application Query Application Pool User","svc-SpFarmName-ssqa"
"Secure Store Service User","svc-SpFarmName-sss"
"User Profile Service User","svc-SpFarmName-ups"
"Visio Graphic Service User","svc-SpFarmName-vgc"
"Word Automation Service User","svc-SpFarmName-was"
"Work Management Service User","svc-SpFarmName-wmss"
"Portal Application Pool User","svc-SpFarmName-poapp"
"MySite Application Pool User","svc-SpFarmName-myapp"
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