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@rwos /make
Created Apr 3, 2013

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plots a graph of the modification times of all the files in ~/src (year on x-axis, hour on y-axis)
find ~/src -printf '%CY-%Cm-%Cd %CH %CM\n' | \
awk '{print $1" "$2"."($3/59)*100;}' | \
sed 's/\.[^.]\+$//' > times.dat
gnuplot > plot.png
set xdata time
set timefmt "%Y-%m-%d"
set format x "%Y"
set xlabel 'year'
set ylabel 'hour'
set yrange [0:24]
set ytics 1
set xtics 365*24*60*60
set terminal png size 800,600
plot "times.dat" using 1:2 title 'mod time' with points
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