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Python Burp Extension code snippet to use the Cookie Jar for JWTs (medium post).
def performAction(self, current_request, macro_items):
# grab some stuff from the current request
req_text = self.helpers.bytesToString(current_request.getRequest())
# grab jwt from cookie jar
jwt = self.getCookieValue(self.cookieDomain, self.cookieName)
# does a value exist yet?
if jwt != None:
# replace the old token with the stored value
header_replace = "%s: %s" % (self.cookieName, jwt)
req_text = re.sub(r"\r\n" + self.cookieName + ": .*\r\n", "\r\n" + header_replace + "\r\n" , req_text)
# set the current request

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@mc4e mc4e commented Jul 15, 2020

There is an Error when add this extension to Burp, it seems like it missing Burp specific imports

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