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Created Jun 24, 2016
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Getting real tired of your shit, referrer spammers


I started seeing a ton of referrer traffic from If you fill out the form, it redirects you to

I'm real sick of referrer spam, so let's give them a taste.

In this example, I got Adzos' GA URL:


The script below will fake 1000 anonymous visitors in their GA traffic. I tested it on my own GA account first to ensure I could see everything.

  • The fun_note will show up in their list of active pages.
  • The campaign will show up as the campaign
require 'typhoeus'
require 'cgi'
fun_note = "quit-the-referrer-spam"
campaign = CGI.escape "#StopTheSpam"
1000.times do
adzos = "" +
"&_s=1&{fun_note}.html" +
"&ul=en-us&de=UTF-8&dt=#{campaign}" +
"&sd=24-bit&sr=1920x1200&vp=1421x618&je=0&fl=22.0%20r0" +
"&_u=AACAAEABI~&jid=&cid=#{}&tid=UA-61667326-1" +
"&z=#{rand 1_000_000_000}"
print '.'
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