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Install VirtualBox v5.0.26 from here:

Install vagrant v1.8.4 from here: (1.8.5 seems to be current, but there’s a documented bug around ssh auth).

Install vagrant-hostmanager plugin.

vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostmanager.

Clone dcos-vagrant.

hub clone dcos/dcos-vagrant
cd dcos-vagrant

Create a VagrantConfig.yaml from the example.

cp VagrantConfig.yml{.example,}

Download the DCOS v1.8.0 installer script from DCOS (in the dcos-vagrant directory).


Copy the right one of the versioned config files into the right place.

cp etc/config{-1.8,}.yaml

Start up the guests (from the documented "minimal" configuration, with 1 each of master, agent-private, and boot nodes).

vagrant up m1 a1 boot
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