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Action Pack
* #concat is now deprecated in favor of using <%= %> helpers [YK]
* Block helpers now return Strings, so you can use <%= form_for @foo do |f| %>.
<% form_for do |f| %> still works with deprecation notices [YK]
* Add a new #mount method on the router that does not anchor the PATH_INFO
at the end [YK & CL]
* Create a new LookupContext object that is responsible for performantly
finding a template for a given pattern [JV]
* Removed relative_url_for in favor of respecting SCRIPT_NAME [YK & CL]
* Changed file streaming to use Rack::Sendfile middleware [YK]
* ActionDispatch::Request#content_type returns a String to be compatible with
Rack::Request. Use #content_mime_type for the Mime::Type instance [YK]
* Updated Prototype to 1.6.1 and Scriptaculous to 1.8.3 [ML]
* Change the preferred way that URL helpers are included into a class[YK & CL]
# for all helpers including named routes
include Rails.application.router.url_helpers
# for just url_for
include Rails.application.router.url_for
Active Model
* #new_record? and #destroyed? were removed from ActiveModel::Lint. Use
persisted? instead. A model is persisted if it's not a new_record? and it was
not destroyed? [MG]
* Added validations reflection in ActiveModel::Validations [JV]
* #to_key was added to ActiveModel::Lint so we can generate DOM IDs for
AMo objects with composite keys [MG]
Active Record
* To prefix the table names of all models in a module, define self.table_name_prefix on the module. #4032 [Andrew White]
* Silenced "SHOW FIELDS" and "SET SQL_AUTO_IS_NULL=0" statements from the MySQL driver to improve log signal to noise ration in development [DHH]
Active Support
* Reduced load time by deferring configuration of classes using
ActiveSupport::on_load(:component_name) [YK]
* Rename #metaclass to #singleton_class now that ruby-core has decided [JK]
* New assertions assert_blank and assert_present. #4299 [Juanjo Bazan]
* Use Object#singleton_class instead of #metaclass. Prefer Ruby's choice. [Jeremy Kemper]
* JSON backend for YAJL. Preferred if available. #2666 [Brian Lopez]
Action Mailer
* Added interceptors and observers from Mail [ML]
ActionMailer::Base.register_interceptor calls Mail.register_interceptor
ActionMailer::Base.register_observer calls Mail.register_observer
* Whole new API added with tests. See base.rb for full details. Old API is deprecated.
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