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What would you like to do? Webhooks Example
Chain's Webhooks system will send an HTTP request
to our app with an event type of 'address-transaction'.
The body of the request will contain Chain's transaction
object. We can use this payload to do whatever we want!
*/'/', function (req, res) {
if (req.body['event'] == 'address-transaction') {
// Using twilio's Node.js SDK, we can send
// an SMS to our phone alerting us of the change
// to our address.
var sendSMS = function(txn) {
var b = 'sent=' + txnDiff(txn.outputs) +
'received=' + txnDiff(txn.inputs);
body: b,
to: process.env.YOUR_NUMBER,
from: process.env.TWILIO_NUMBER
}, function(err, message) {
This function will sum the values of inputs or outputs
if the particular input or output is related to
the address we specify in our environment.
var txnDiff = function(col) {
return _.filter(col, function(x) {
return _.contains(x['addresses'], process.env.ADDRESS);
}).reduce(col, function(memo, num) {return memo + num;}, 0);
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