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Created Feb 23, 2015

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Tue Nov 11 17:26:58 1980
DEC on Usenet
DEC now has a Unix system on the Usenet uucp network.
Anyone with questions about or problems with DEC hardware
and it's relationship (interaction) with Unix, feel free
to contact us. We are members of the Telecommunications
Industry Group (TIG or Telco) of DEC and are actively
involved with Unix on current and new DEC hardware.
Currently, we are routing all Usenet traffic through duke.
If necessary or desirable, we could poll other systems as
well. For now, mail duke!decvax!person. Our network
names, etc. are below, feel free to contact us.
decvax!shannon - Bill Shannon (formerly of Case Western Reserve Univ.)
decvax!aps - Armando Stettner
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