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// make a "base" component
const FakeButton = (props) => (
cursor: 'default',
border: '1px solid',
borderRadius: '3px',
onKeyDown={(e) => e.key === 'Enter' && props.onClick(e)}
onKeyUp={(e) => e.key === 'Space' && props.onClick(e)}
FakeButton.defaultProps = {
onClick() {}
// wrap it to add specific behavior
const AlertButton = (props) => (
onClick={(event) => alert(props.message)}
// use it anywhere
render(<AlertButton message="hello"/>, el);

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@vidoss vidoss commented Sep 25, 2015

Looks great. Is there some kind of transformation I am missing ? How is React.createElement() taking the return of another createElement() as first argument ? Adding this to jsfiddle does throw this error as expected.

Uncaught TypeError: Can't add property context, object is not extensible

what am i missing ?


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@vidoss vidoss commented Oct 7, 2015

oh! version 0.14 thing

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