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Created Oct 24, 2017
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Do Not Disturb
set -eou pipefail
# From and
if [[ $(defaults -currentHost read ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/ doNotDisturb) -eq 0 ]]; then
defaults -currentHost write ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/ doNotDisturb -boolean true
defaults -currentHost write ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/ doNotDisturbDate -date "`date -u +\"%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S +000\"`"
killall NotificationCenter
echo "Do Not Disturb is enabled. Run $0 to turn it off (OS X will turn it off automatically tomorrow)."
defaults -currentHost write ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/ doNotDisturb -boolean false
killall NotificationCenter
echo "Do Not Disturb is disabled. Run $0 to turn it on again."

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@dylan-chong dylan-chong commented Mar 9, 2019

Dnd doesnt appear to be changed on high sierra/mojave with this solution

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