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# Run this at your site root to upgrade EE
# Paths assume your system folder is at site root
# location of the release
echo "Enter the name of your system folder"
# update files
echo "Updating the EE files..."
cp -R "$RELEASE_PATH"/system/core/* ./"$SYS_PATH"/core
cp -R "$RELEASE_PATH"/system/cp/* ./"$SYS_PATH"/cp
cp -R "$RELEASE_PATH"/system/db/* ./"$SYS_PATH"/db
cp -R "$RELEASE_PATH"/system/language/* ./"$SYS_PATH"/language
cp -R "$RELEASE_PATH"/system/lib/* ./"$SYS_PATH"/lib
cp -R "$RELEASE_PATH"/system/modules/* ./"$SYS_PATH"/modules
cp -R "$RELEASE_PATH"/system/plugins/* ./"$SYS_PATH"/plugins
cp -R "$RELEASE_PATH"/system/updates/ ./"$SYS_PATH"/updates
cp -R "$RELEASE_PATH"/system/update.php ./"$SYS_PATH"/update.php
cp -R "$RELEASE_PATH"/system/utilities/* ./"$SYS_PATH"/utilities
#verify file permissions
echo "Setting file permissions..."
chmod 666 ./"$SYS_PATH"/config.php
chmod 666 ./"$SYS_PATH"/config_bak.php
chmod 777 ./"$SYS_PATH"/cache
echo "Upgrade complete."
echo "Please go to$SYS_PATH/update.php to run the update wizard."
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