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ryankhart / How to contribute to FFXIV Dalamud Plugin
Last active May 15, 2022 06:32
How to contribute to FFXIV Dalamud Plugin development for GitHub hosted plugins

How to contribute to development or just build from source a FFXIV Dalamud Plugin

A lot of instructions/tutorials over-generalize their instructions to suit many situations and use jargon that new, aspiring devs may get confused about. Consider this a "vertical slice" to get you from start to finish via a linear path of progression.

Prerequisite Tools

The following instructions assume that the Dalamud plugin you want to contribute to is on GitHub. It also assumes that you are using Visual Studio 2022 (the latest version of VS as of writing this).

Prerequisite Experience

Do you have experience making your own basic command-line programs using an object-oriented language like C# (or Java, Python, Swift, C++, Javascript, etc.)?

Is your trouble that you find it overwhelming to open someone else's existing huge project and know how to navigate it or know how to build the code and test out changes?

ryankhart / swap-ctrl-alt-keys
Last active December 20, 2018 14:01
Swap both left and right Control and Alt keys on Linux
# Create or append to .Xmodmap the new
# mappings for Control and Alt
echo '
clear control
clear mod1
keycode 105 = Alt_R
keycode 108 = Control_R
keycode 37 = Alt_L Meta_L
unmap('j', /google\.com/i);
unmap('k', /google\.com/i);
unmap('/', /google\.com/i);
unmap('j', /youtube\.com/i);
unmap('k', /youtube\.com/i);
unmap('l', /youtube\.com/i);
unmap('f', /youtube\.com/i);
unmap('e', /\.com/i);
# This script allows you to do multiple find/replace operations in one pass. The find/replace
# pairs are defined in a file (defaults to ~/.st2_multiple_find_replace) using the format
# find <separator> replace
# By default, the separator is the hash-pointer (=>), but it can be changed if
# necessary (see below). To use multiple find and replace, save this code to a file in
# your Packages/User folder using whatever name you like. I use
# Edit your user key bindings and pick whatever key combinations you want to trigger
# these operations. On Mac OS X, I chose COMMAND+OPTION+M E to edit and COMMAND+OPTION+M R
// Variables used in this script:
// $summary - text title of the event
// $datestart - the starting date (in seconds since unix epoch)
// $dateend - the ending date (in seconds since unix epoch)
// $address - the event's address
// $uri - the URL of the event (add http://)
// $description - text description of the event
// $filename - the name of this file for saving (e.g. my-event-name.ics)