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Created October 21, 2015 08:04
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javascript:(function() %7Bfunction c() %7Bvar e %3D document.createElement("link")%3Be.setAttribute("type", "text/css")%3Be.setAttribute("rel", "stylesheet")%3Be.setAttribute("href", f)%3Be.setAttribute("class", l)%3Bdocument.body.appendChild(e)%7D function h() %7Bvar e %3D document.getElementsByClassName(l)%3Bfor (var t %3D 0%3B t < e.length%3B t%2B%2B) %7Bdocument.body.removeChild(e%5Bt%5D)%7D%7D function p() %7Bvar e %3D document.createElement("div")%3Be.setAttribute("class", a)%3Bdocument.body.appendChild(e)%3BsetTimeout(function() %7Bdocument.body.removeChild(e)%7D, 100)%7D function d(e) %7Breturn %7Bheight : e.offsetHeight,width : e.offsetWidth%7D%7D function v(i) %7Bvar s %3D d(i)%3Breturn s.height > e %26%26 s.height < n %26%26 s.width > t %26%26 s.width < r%7D function m(e) %7Bvar t %3D e%3Bvar n %3D 0%3Bwhile (!!t) %7Bn %2B%3D t.offsetTop%3Bt %3D t.offsetParent%7Dreturn n%7D function g() %7Bvar e %3D document.documentElement%3Bif (!!window.innerWidth) %7Breturn window.innerHeight%7D else if (e %26%26 !isNaN(e.clientHeight)) %7Breturn e.clientHeight%7Dreturn 0%7D function y() %7Bif (window.pageYOffset) %7Breturn window.pageYOffset%7Dreturn Math.max(document.documentElement.scrollTop, document.body.scrollTop)%7D function E(e) %7Bvar t %3D m(e)%3Breturn t >%3D w %26%26 t <%3D b %2B w%7D function S() %7Bvar e %3D document.createElement("audio")%3Be.setAttribute("class", l)%3Be.src %3D i%3Be.loop %3D false%3Be.addEventListener("canplay", function() %7BsetTimeout(function() %7Bx(k)%7D, 500)%3BsetTimeout(function() %7BN()%3Bp()%3Bfor (var e %3D 0%3B e < O.length%3B e%2B%2B) %7BT(O%5Be%5D)%7D%7D, 15500)%7D, true)%3Be.addEventListener("ended", function() %7BN()%3Bh()%7D, true)%3Be.innerHTML %3D " <p>If you are reading this, it is because your browser does not support the audio element. We recommend that you get a new browser.</p> <p>"%3Bdocument.body.appendChild(e) function x(e) %7Be.className %2B%3D " " %2B s %2B " " %2B o%7D function T(e) %7Be.className %2B%3D " " %2B s %2B " " %2B u%5BMath.floor(Math.random() * u.length)%5D%7D function N() %7Bvar e %3D document.getElementsByClassName(s)%3Bvar t %3D new RegExp("%5C%5Cb" %2B s %2B "%5C%5Cb")%3Bfor (var n %3D 0%3B n < e.length%3B ) %7Be%5Bn%5D.className %3D e%5Bn%5D.className.replace(t, "")%7D%7D var e %3D 30%3Bvar t %3D 30%3Bvar n %3D 350%3Bvar r %3D 350%3Bvar i %3D "//"%3Bvar s %3D "mw-harlem_shake_me"%3Bvar o %3D "im_first"%3Bvar u %3D %5B"im_drunk", "im_baked", "im_trippin", "im_blown"%5D%3Bvar a %3D "mw-strobe_light"%3Bvar f %3D "//"%3Bvar l %3D "mw_added_css"%3Bvar b %3D g()%3Bvar w %3D y()%3Bvar C %3D document.getElementsByTagName("*")%3Bvar k %3D null%3Bfor (var L %3D 0%3B L < C.length%3B L%2B%2B) %7Bvar A %3D C%5BL%5D%3Bif (v(A)) %7Bif (E(A)) %7Bk %3D A%3Bbreak%7D%7D%7Dif (A %3D%3D%3D null) %7Bconsole.warn("Could not find a node of the right size. Please try a different page.")%3Breturn%7Dc()%3BS()%3Bvar O %3D %5B%5D%3Bfor (var L %3D 0%3B L < C.length%3B L%2B%2B) %7Bvar A %3D C%5BL%5D%3Bif (v(A)) %7BO.push(A)%7D%7D%7D)()
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