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Ryan McGrath ryanmcgrath

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ryanmcgrath /
Created Jul 20, 2020
A script to automate installing SmashEnabler.kext, while also being a bit easier to debug what exactly happens on some systems.
# shellcheck shell=dash
# This is just a little script that can be downloaded from the internet to
# install SmashEnabler.
# It runs on Unix shells like {a,ba,da,k,z}sh. It uses the common `local`
# extension. Note: Most shells limit `local` to 1 var per line, contra bash.
# Borrow heavily and liberally from rustup's install script. ;P
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ZxZsrGjpEkuCMy1 wiCFHpIaBxqTCKq 6Xr2MZHgg7Ci9mz qZCbwrVMkyYzc1R
4ejwW0WiGNZpvDu 1AcRFc8fl07FfcA 7I5l6Bd1ewiyYME KuMkAULCR5BtoWo
JPyyCzEDj40wXJy MsyBsT5lxmCqASL mD4gr0aLMzWSiL.
# pip install twython to get this library
from twython import Twython
# Create a new App at, check off "sign in via Twitter", and get your tokens there
twitter = Twython('Consumer API Key', 'Consumer API Secret', 'Access Token', 'Access Token Secret')
# Read and upload the image, see image guidelines in post above~
image = open('path/to/image.png', 'rb')
View nscollectionviewitem-touchesended.swift
override func touchesEnded(with event: NSEvent) {
if(self.isTracking) {
self.endTracking(leftAnchor?.constant ?? 0)
override func touchesCancelled(with event: NSEvent) {
if(self.isTracking) {
self.endTracking(leftAnchor?.constant ?? 0)
View nscollectionviewitem-touchesmoved.swift
override func touchesMoved(with event: NSEvent) {
if(!isTracking) { return }
let currentTouches = event.touches(matching: .touching, in: view)
if(currentTouches.count != 2) { return }
currentTouchOne = nil
currentTouchTwo = nil
currentTouches.forEach { (touch: NSTouch) in
View nscollectionviewitem-touchesbegan.swift
override func touchesBegan(with event: NSEvent) {
if(isTracking) { return }
let initialTouches = event.touches(matching: .touching, in: view)
if(initialTouches.count != 2) { return }
isTracking = true
initialPoint = view.convert(event.locationInWindow, from: nil)
let touches = Array(initialTouches)
View nscollectionviewitem-setup.swift
class HolidayCalendarCollectionViewItem: NSCollectionViewItem {
var leftAnchor: NSLayoutConstraint?
var initialTouchOne: NSTouch?
var initialTouchTwo: NSTouch?
var currentTouchOne: NSTouch?
var currentTouchTwo: NSTouch?
var initialPoint: CGPoint?
var isTracking = false
public lazy var contentView: NSView = {
ryanmcgrath / default.json
Created Jun 29, 2018
Experiments in GUIs in Rust.
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"window": {
"backgroundColor": {"r": 35, "g": 108, "b": 218},
"defaultWidth": 800,
"defaultHeight": 600
"root": {
"backgroundColor": {"r": 35, "g": 108, "b": 218}

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ryanmcgrath /
Created Apr 9, 2016
Getting around uwsgidecorators import failure issues when using uwsgi spooler functionality.
# This module is only available when running under uwsgi
# in production. We try to import it, but if it fails we're
# running in development and should just pass a decorator that'll
# run it back immediately.
from uwsgidecorators import spool
def spool(fn):
def _spool(**kwargs):
return fn(kwargs)
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