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* Rewrite Shop Categories
* @wordpress-plugin
* Plugin Name: Rewrite Shop Categories
* Description: Allows categories and products both to have 'shop' base
* Author: Plant Ninja
if ( ! defined( 'WPINC' ) ) { die; }
// Flush rewrite rules on activation and deactivation.
register_deactivation_hook( __FILE__, 'flush_rewrite_rules' );
register_activation_hook( __FILE__, 'flush_rewrite_rules' );
// Priority 20 so filter runs _after_ woocommerce filter.
add_filter( 'rewrite_rules_array', 'rsc_rewrite_shop_categories' , 20 );
* Simple function to filter wordpress rewrite rules array.
* @param array $rules Rules array passed by wordpress.
function rsc_rewrite_shop_categories( $rules ) {
return rsc_get_product_category_rewrite_rules() + $rules;
function rsc_get_product_category_rewrite_rules() : array {
Rewrite rules to match Plant Ninja categories and sub-categories.
The Plant Ninja product url structure is as follows:
- We want Urls to look like this:
- Sharing the 'shop' base between categories and products is not supported
by WP/woocommerce out of the box (presumably because wordpress would have
no way to distinguish between categories and products.
- We can get around this by defining a way to distinguish between the two.
For Plant Ninja, the deepest category for a product must start with
"vegan-". E.g. "vegan-protein", "vegan-creatine".
- We will support one or two levels of categories for now.
$new_rules = [
* Match arbitrarily named base categories. Products in these categories
* must have an additional sub-category with the 'vegan-' prefix, and the
* base category must not be prefixed with 'vegan-'.
* Matches:
* shop/some-arbitrary-base-category
* shop/some-arbitrary-base-category/
* Should NOT match:
* shop/vegan-<anything>
* shop/vegan-<anything>/
* shop/base-category/<anything...>
'shop/(?!vegan-)([^/]+?)/?$' => 'index.php?product_cat=$matches[1]',
* Matches:
* shop/some-base-category/vegan-sub-category
* shop/some-base-category/vegan-<sub-category>/
* Should NOT match:
* shop/arbitrary-base-category
* shop/arbitrary-base-category/
* which should be covered by the previous rule.
'shop(?:/.*)*?/(vegan-[^/]+)/?$' => 'index.php?product_cat=$matches[1]',
return $new_rules;

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alpeshp commented Dec 1, 2016

Hello Ryan

i have used your plugin but unable to activate it

my problem is i have set Product category base = shop and Shop base with category = /shop/%product_cat%/

but when i visit to my product or category it show me 404 error

please can you help me to solve this problem


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