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Scaling Bitcoin + Hosting & Infrastructure

Takeaways from the "scaling bitcoin + hosting & infrastructure" round table at Scaling Bitcoin in Montreal, September 12, 2015.

  • we had very good representation from major bitcoin infrastructure companies
    • large fraction, if not majority, of bitcoins held, bitcoins transacted and bitcoin API calls made
  • everyone wants the block size to increase - only a question of how
    • remarkable that infrastructure companies universally agreed on hard forking bitcoin
  • some infrastructure companies to run implementations of bitcoin other than Bitcoin Core
    • meaning Bitcoin Core may have less influence than usually thought
    • we also know that some miners have done SPV mining - so what fraction of miners are actually using Bitcoin Core's ruleset?
  • lately, wallets have had difficulty computing fees - what happens if different wallets disagree? - stress tests cause issues
  • some infrastructure companies have collaborated with miners to get some specific transactions mined
    • indication that p2p network isn't working as intended
  • infrastructure considered starting a mining pool that they shared to get their preferred transactions mined
  • it's not just about changing the max block size, but proving to the world that "we" can agree on changing a critical feature like this
  • what is the primary use-case of bitcoin? we didn't have a good answer for this one. is buying coffee from starbucks a good reason to increase the block size?
  • we could either wait for the damage to occur to due limited block size and repair it later, or repair it in advance
    • seemed not totally agreed on this, except that perhaps the damage has already occurred, since we are now all in agreement about increasing the block size
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