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HTML5 Dev Conf #talk

#Highlights from the HTML5 Dev Conf ##Monday 15 - Tuesday 16 October 2012 ###Palace Hotel San Francisco ####LYNDEL THOMAS

#Peter Lubbers ##Developer Relations Program Manager - Chrome team at Google. @peterlubbers

#Julie Ann Horvath ##Github @nrrrdcore

  • Hacking a design environment - design in the browser

  • A websites design should start where it's going to live @owltastic

  • Pixel perfect Photoshop files are bad. Inconsistent going from comps to the browsers - colors, shadows, font rendering etc vary - test everywhere

  • Designers should learn to code

  • Version control for design assets. Image diffing - Github. Github for Mac

  • Prototyping tools: Github Gists, Dabblet Lea Verou. Twitter Bootstrap Chrome Dev Tools

  • DRY (Don't repeat yourself) - If not reusable set it all on fire

  • Pattern libraries Pears Dan Cederholm

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