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CRUDr - a first look #talk

#CRUDr - Persistant connection storage for everyone


  • Websockets are becoming increasingly popular

  • Users expect realtime updates on their services

  • Building a websocket service from scratch is hard

  • Relying on third-party services feels unnecessarily limiting

Things don't have to be that way...

Image credit: Rainbow Unicorn

Product spotlight

CRUDr is a remote service that's tailored to assist web developers by offering an easy way to connect to database stores, with which they can communicate either in realtime, using websockets, or traditionally, using a REST API.

Created by K&D Interactive for its internal needs, the service is extended to everyone that's interested in creating realtime applications.

We want setting up persistent connection storage to be a breeze!

Notable Highlights:

  • Open Source

  • Freedom

  • Affordable

  • Accessible

Open Source


  • You own your data

  • Connect to external DBs of your choice

  • Supporting MongoDB, SimpleDB (more to come)


Free while in Alpha & Beta :)

Moving forward:

  • Free tier

  • Only pay for what you use

  • Special discounts for early adopters


CRUDr is platform-agnostic and can connect with any application that can authenticate using OAuth2

  • Websites

  • Mobile Apps

  • Online Games

  • ... more? you tell us :)

Where is it already?!

Releasing beta in 2013

Early access now available through invite


Created by Makis Tracend & Lyndel Thomas.

Images courtesy of their respective creators.

Copyright © 2013 K&D Interactive - All rights reserved

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