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Created Mar 23, 2017
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Real-time Insights powered by Reactive Programming

Real-time Insights powered by Reactive Programming

Presenter: Jay Phelps (@_jayphelps)

  • Jay Phelps
    • Senior Software Engineer
  • InfoSec
    • Preventing unauthorized access
    • Stopping hackers
    • Can block exploits using their gateway proxy
      • They need to know if it's working
      • They want to watch attackers try
        • to learn/refine their defenses
        • they want to see it in real-time
  • Real-time
    • for debugging, infosec, logging
    • thousands of servers, millions of devices, all logging
    • how do they handle massive amounts of streaming logs?
  • RX
    • best ideas from observer pattern, iterator pattern, and functional programming
    • "lodash for events"
    • Available for many languages
    • FB, Slack, Microsoft, Netflix, Google, GitHub, Airbnb
    • High level intro
      • Observable = basic primitive
      • Array = collections of item
      • Observable = collections of items over time
      • Represents a stream
      • Marble diagrams are useful for visualizing how thing work with streams (things over time)
      • Stream of logs
    • Angular 2 uses RxJS
  • Logging
    • Logging JSON
    • Created a SQL like query language to create RxJava
    • 8 million messages per second, at peak: how do we scale this?
      • Load balancing jobs (autoscaling)
      • Need to chain jobs together
      • Segment traffic, then query
      • High-volume distributed systems have a problem: backpressure
        • pressure opposed to the desired flow
        • deficit of ability to calculate, causing set of things unable to be handled, growing over time
        • Can Buffer (hold and wait) or Drop (discard)
      • Job authors get to choose whether to drop or buffer
        • they buffer, then autoscale, then drop
    • Netflix's lib for this is Mantis
    • Where do they actually query this?
      • Query builder UI
        • Source, Fields, Conditions, and Query Preview
      • Problem: can be really high volume (100k+ rps)
        • Performance solutions are often driven by UX
        • partial Solution: UI virtualization
          • still can't update the virutal table 100k/s
          • this inability to update is also backpressure
          • need to buffer or drop
          • UX problem still not resolved; buffer size is unbounded
      • Users just want a sample
        • See a little bit, in real time, then refine the query
        • solution: batch sampling
          • Buffer for a bit, then drop after reaching a certain threshold
          • 50 was a great number
          • How this is implemented:
          • Rx enabled making this really easy (and performantly)
          • Works for low-volume queries too
            • If im a tester, on a device, I just want to see my requests
            • I can turn on the firehose if I want
        • This tool is called Raven at Netflix
          • (It's beautiful) - Ryan
          • Can write Javascripts
          • Can push transformations to the servers
          • Has alerting!
          • Has improved debugging, testing, and InfoSec
    • Netflix loves Rx
      • It's powerful, and cross-platform
      • Can follow you to basically any language
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