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Recording screencasts


  • Ensure that fullscreen is on
  • Disable spell checker
  • Record using Quicktime (no audio)
  • If possible select rectangle recording area
  • Save with highest possible quality e.g 1920x1080
  • Hide cursor if not needed

KeyCastr / ShowKeys (

  • Setup window opacity: disabled text fadeout: 2.00s font-size: default Maximum display length: 60
  • Ensure that overlay is centered and doesn’t overlap status line

ShowKeys troubleshooting

  • If ShowKeys cannot track keys, close all apps or restart osx

Editing using iMovie

  • Deattach audio
  • Use magic wand for auto correction
  • Share as a file (1920x1080, high)
  • Add fade in / fade out
  • Ensure that switching QuickTime is not captured

Edited movie length

Converting to gif using screengif

screengif -i vim-easymotion-edit.mp4 -o vim-easymotion-1920.gif # 972kb
screengif -i vim-easymotion-edit.mp4 -o vim-easymotion-1024.gif # 390kb


  • Text on ShowKeys does not look good when delay is on (reduce it)
  • disable 90 / 80 character limit => no blur / sprites (as above)


  • Gif in 2 sizes


OS X Screencast to animated GIF List of common resolutions

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