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Titanium Mobile 用のうすーーーい TabGroup Wrapper
class AppTabGroup
constructor: (glb = globals) ->
@tabGroup = Ti.UI.createTabGroup()
@tabGroup.addEventListener "focus", (e) ->
glb.currentTab =
getTabGroup: () ->
return @tabGroup
appendTab: (param) ->
tab = Ti.UI.createTab param
@tabGroup[param.tabId] = tab if param.tabId? and typeof param.tabId is "string"
@tabGroup.addTab if param.tabId then @tabGroup[param.tabId] else tab
open: (defaultTab = 0) ->
@tabGroup.setActiveTab defaultTab
# Modularization
module.exports = AppTabGroup

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ryugoo commented Jun 27, 2012

How to use (CoffeeScript)

AppTabGroup = require "AppTabGroup"
tabGroup = new AppTabGroup()
    tabId: "tab0" # [String] Tab ID parameter
    title: "Tab"
    window: Ti.UI.createWindow
        title: "Window"
        backgroundColor: "#FFFFFF" # [Number] Default tab index (0 start)
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