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Last active Oct 1, 2017

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Either class using Lightweight Stream API
public final class Either<Left, Right> {
private final Optional<Left> left;
private final Optional<Right> right;
private Either(Optional<Left> left, Optional<Right> right) {
this.left = left;
this.right = right;
public static <Left, Right> Either<Left, Right> left(@NonNull Left value) {
return new Either<>(Optional.of(value), Optional.empty());
public static <Left, Right> Either<Left, Right> right(@NonNull Right value) {
return new Either<>(Optional.empty(), Optional.of(value));
public <T> Either<T, Right> mapLeft(Function<? super Left, ? extends T> func) {
return new Either<>(, this.right);
public <T> Either<Left, T> mapRight(Function<? super Right, ? extends T> func) {
return new Either<>(this.left,;
public void apply(Consumer<? super Left> lConsumer, Consumer<? super Right> rConsumer) {
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